Due to the Corona19 pandemic we have had to cancel all retreats at least through May 2020. From what the Peruvian government has been saying lately, it looks like international travel into Peru will not open until July. At this point we THINK we will also need to be closed through all of June, and the earliest retreat we can hold is July 1st.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world these days. We hope you are all staying safe and practicing the precautions advised by health experts. While not dangerous for many people, this virus has proven to be highly lethal to certain segments of the population. Our behavior affects others, so lets all be responsible.

The Hummingbird Center offers 9 and 12 Day Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreats. You may stay for only 9 days at any of the scheduled 12 day retreats if that fits your schedule better.

We also offer Personalized Healing Retreats of 2, 3 or 4 week duration for those who need deeper healing. It is preferable to begin a personalized retreat at the beginning of one of the 12 day retreats, but some flexibility is allowed.

See our Reservations page to sign up for one of our upcoming ayahuasca retreats.