Ayahuasca Healing in Iquitos: What to Bring to Your Retreat

We are in a remote location not close to any stores. During your time at the center you should expect to stay here and be out of contact. If you show up without an item you can plan on doing without it for the duration of your stay. 

Packing List for Ayahuasca Healing Retreats

To ensure a comfortable stay at the center and during ayahuasca ceremonies, you should be sure to pack the following items:

Additional Recommendations To Keep In Mind While Packing for Iquitos

****  SMOKERS  -  Please bring with you all you need to get through your stay. We will not fulfill any requests to get you cigarettes. You are welcome to walk to the village 2.6 km away to buy what they have available.

*** Please do not bring malaria pills. They are incompatible with ayahuasca, and are not necessary at our center. Malaria is not a problem at the Hummingbird, nor do we have many mosquitos.

*** Do not bring any kind of cold or cough medication as they are dangerous to take with ayahuasca.

*** Please do not use headlamps as your only flashlight. They routinely end up shining in other people's faces, and also into the moloca when people are returning from the toilets. Headlamps are very good to have for reading at night, but are not a good choice for ceremony.

Have Questions About What To Bring To Your Ayahuasca Healing Retreat at The Hummingbird Center?

Looking for more insight about what to bring to an ayahuasca retreat? Have questions about how to best prepare for your journey? We'd be happy to give you some additional information about what to bring and what to expect.

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