Ayahuasca Retreat Price

The Hummingbird Center is dedicated to keeping this magical healing tradition affordable for all who are looking for an effective alternative to western medicine. While maintaining focus on our mission of healing and providing the highest level of individual care and attention, we will always be one of the lower priced premier centers in the greater Iquitos area. The majority of centers with higher end facilities are charging $180 per day or more. Our rates are only $150 - $155 per day. All guests get a private room with the option to stay in a tambo in the jungle if space is available. We do not charge extra for this, which is common at other centers.

Hummingbird Healing Center Retreat Costs in US Dollars

  9 Day Ayahuasca Retreat                    $1300

12 Day Ayahuasca Retreat                    $1700

2 Week Personal Healing Retreat          $2000

3 Week Personal Healing Retreat          $2700

4 Week Personal Healing Retreat          $3500


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I am here for the greatest good. I have come through intuition and spirit to heal and learn. I accept the teachings and the healing that will come to me. I trust that my journey will be for my greatest good. My presence here is with the intention of love and understanding. I ask that my spirit guides join me and walk with me during my journey. I ask to be protected by God's white light. I believe that my soul is here for a purpose. I am love. I am here for the greatest good.     Sasha's intention, USA