Covid-19 Reports

Here are some interactive reports on the Covid 19 pandemic. There are multiple pages to the report viewer and you may move through them at the bottom of the viewer. This is a highly interactive report. Moving avergages of different day lengths can be selected at the top. You can change the date range of the report using the date slider. On the left, you can select which states to include. It defaults to including all states, and it is interesting to remove the top 3 or 4 most affected states to see how the numbers change for the country as a whole. Click on any data element in a visual and all other visuals will filter to show the data related to it. Click it again to clear the filter.

The data for the report comes from the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracking project and is updated automatically every day at 6 am UTC.

This report was prepared in Power BI Desktop and uploaded to the Microsoft Power BI Service. The data maintenance for the report is fully automated on the Azure platform. The underlying data for the report comes from an Azure SQL Database that is updated daily by an Azure Data Factory. Each day the required data files are downloaded from the host site into database holding tables. Using stored procedures, the data is then cleaned up and transformed into a structure optimized for Tabular systems such as Microsoft Analysis Services and Power BI.